24 October 2014

yup, in my white tee

cotton on tee | brooklyn industries skirt | justfab purse and sandals | elizabeth and james sunglasses

an outfit i wore last week to run errands and go thrifting. my sister told me about this store called tattered in long beach. they have the best selection of pants (which i'll post soon) and their buy-back rates are better than any other secondhand retailer i've been to.

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20 October 2014

I've sat down numerous times, trying to find the real reason that I don't want to blog anymore. Sometimes, I think it's because I have a lot of personal stuff going on in my life that I prefer to keep private (or at least anonymous). Other times, I think it's because of brands being so bullish in pushing their agenda onto the blogging world. But I think what it comes down to is what blogging has become: an industry with too many watered-down players.

I'd always kept journals and websites to chronicle my doings. My often seem super insignificant while life is happening, but I do find myself curious to look back on a certain event or time. I do this a lot with old photos stored on my laptop. Whenever a situation or person reminds me of something that's happened to me before, I literally look back at that time of my life to try to jog more memories. That usually helps give me context and perspective, making the current situation less foreign. I'm even pleasantly surprised by myself sometimes. It helps me deal with things in a more informed way, I suppose.

But this blog has taken a turn away from its original purpose of documenting my personal development of style and toward a people-pleasing outlet. I know I've said this before, but I think it's finally falling into place for me now. I honestly don't care how many people see these posts. I don't care to attract brands' attention (although, I won't lie, I definitely have a short list of brands I'd love to work with if and when the moment is ripe).

Lately, I've had this vision of just photographing myself in my living room each morning before work and posting photos without much description of what I'm wearing. Style inspiration is not about replicating someone else's outfit; it's about picking up on the things that speak to you about someone else's aesthetic and making them work for yourself. That's what I aim for. Whenever I pin images, I highlight the aspects of the look that catch my eye. Usually, it's the proportions or silhouette; oftentimes, it's color combinations. Going forward, I will aim to explore my style in that unbranded way. I want to be authentic and creative, not contrived and manufactured. This is more of a statement for myself and a promise I hope to keep going forward.

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02 October 2014

the doctor is in

jyjz white shirt dress* (sold out, black version here) | forever 21 tank* and necklace | zara pants and purse | moods of norway slides | elizabeth and james sunglasses

21 September 2014

more man shoes!

images via

I'm currently in Italy, visiting one of my favorite friends in the world, drinking wine, gorging on pasta and generally enjoying the European life. So, yes, this is a scheduled post. Still, that doesn't change the fact that I'm on a fall kick lately (pun totally intended). And it's about time, right? The first official day of autumn is today.

I love all things menswear. This has been the case for a long, long time and I wish I could/would incorporate more of this style into my wardrobe. For some reason, I find it a bit hard. Maybe because I haven't been able to find many pieces that don't swallow up my petite frame. Maybe it's because I struggle with committing to a single style enough to spend money on quality pieces. Whatever. These images are totally making me want to have "menswear" as one of the fashun words that define my style. Click through for more inspiring man-meets-woman street style.

19 September 2014

i love man shoes

The Easton lace-up Oxford via Gilt

My first fall purchase just took place. Since first seeing these babies a couple of weeks ago, I haven't been able to get my mind off them. They seem to be high quality (judging from the site's photos) and the heel is just high enough to offer some leg-lengthening effects without the pain of a true heel. Now I'm in full-on fall fashion mode. Below are a handful of other items I would wear with these beautiful man shoes.

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15 September 2014

13 September 2014

the olsens stole my heart

images of elizabeth and james & the row ss2015 collections - via

you gotta hand it to them: mary-kate and ashley know how to dress a woman. i'm always so thoroughly impressed by the silhouettes they present. they seem almost unwearable with how potentially bulky they come off, but each collection is so well developed, that, by the end, i'm convinced my small frame can easily carry around 10 pounds of voluminous, rich fabric without looking like i'm being swallowed up whole. in fact, i'm so inspired by these ss2015 looks that i might just try to recreate them now, especially as the weather starts to transition to slightly below 90 degrees.

click past the jump to see a handful of my favorite elizabeth and james and the row looks from this season's nyfw.

04 September 2014

that fringe again

modcloth jacket* | victoria's secret top | h&m skirt | see by chloe sandals | zara bag | elizabeth and james sunglasses

25 August 2014

the era of the crop top and the slip-on

k-way jacket* | brandy mellville crop top | forever 21 pants | vans slip-ons | ray-ban sunglasses | diesel watch

i've got to get myself some new, real outfit photos. this self-timer and mirror bs is not working out for me.

as is to be imagined, i've spent the past week recovering from my simultaneous life changes. things have become different with the inclusion of my full-time job/commute. it's not so much the job as it is the time i spend driving to and from it. but this is a positive change. i might have less idle time (in which i would sometimes tend to my blog), but i do have the power of perspective, which, right now, is much more important to me. i think that, once our resources are replenished, we can be much better versions of ourselves. i hope that somehow trickles through to the blog, but i think i'm a far way from being that expressive. rtp.

also, you can find a better picture of this look at k-way's contest page (see what i did there?). while you're there, feel free to click the little thumbs-up icon on my photo and enter yourself in to win your own k-way jacket. it's the hipster thing to do, along with wearing normcore crop tops and slip-ons.

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