15 September 2014

13 September 2014

the olsens stole my heart

images of elizabeth and james & the row ss2015 collections - via

you gotta hand it to them: mary-kate and ashley know how to dress a woman. i'm always so thoroughly impressed by the silhouettes they present. they seem almost unwearable with how potentially bulky they come off, but each collection is so well developed, that, by the end, i'm convinced my small frame can easily carry around 10 pounds of voluminous, rich fabric without looking like i'm being swallowed up whole. in fact, i'm so inspired by these ss2015 looks that i might just try to recreate them now, especially as the weather starts to transition to slightly below 90 degrees.

click past the jump to see a handful of my favorite elizabeth and james and the row looks from this season's nyfw.

04 September 2014

that fringe again

modcloth jacket* | victoria's secret top | h&m skirt | see by chloe sandals | zara bag | elizabeth and james sunglasses

25 August 2014

the era of the crop top and the slip-on

k-way jacket* | brandy mellville crop top | forever 21 pants | vans slip-ons | ray-ban sunglasses | diesel watch

i've got to get myself some new, real outfit photos. this self-timer and mirror bs is not working out for me.

as is to be imagined, i've spent the past week recovering from my simultaneous life changes. things have become different with the inclusion of my full-time job/commute. it's not so much the job as it is the time i spend driving to and from it. but this is a positive change. i might have less idle time (in which i would sometimes tend to my blog), but i do have the power of perspective, which, right now, is much more important to me. i think that, once our resources are replenished, we can be much better versions of ourselves. i hope that somehow trickles through to the blog, but i think i'm a far way from being that expressive. rtp.

also, you can find a better picture of this look at k-way's contest page (see what i did there?). while you're there, feel free to click the little thumbs-up icon on my photo and enter yourself in to win your own k-way jacket. it's the hipster thing to do, along with wearing normcore crop tops and slip-ons.

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07 August 2014

bedrooms i wouldn't mind knocking out in

images via

I've been daydreaming about decorating. I'm starting to really get a feel for what I want my place to be, the vibes I want it to exude. Adjectives that keep coming up for me include moody, layered, cozy, lived-in, comfortable, messy and purposeful. I don't want one of those pristine homes that instills fear and rigidity. Instead, I want something welcoming (to both me and my guests), something inviting. The reason I'm drawn to the bedrooms here is that they display at least one aspect of what I want. I could easily take a nap in them, or even knock out for a good night's sleep.

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05 August 2014

tassels & harems

modcloth jacket* (70% off!) | grayson pants* | forever 21 tank* & necklace (cool alternatives here, here and here)| zara mules (also on sale!) | purse from Florence

31 July 2014

clare v's got your back

Maybe I'm a little late to the Clare V. party, but better late than never, right? While browsing through my Instagram feed the other night, one of Clare's bags caught my eye and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I've been following her for quite some time and I'm quite familiar and enamored with her pouches, but it's the other goodies that I'm becoming increasingly enchanted by. I've always loved a good leather purse. One that's reasonably priced, made in LA and aesthetically pleasing (while also hyper functional) is a total score. I've decided that the Duffle Petit will be my foray into the CV army.

for every day: Duffle Petit
for inside: Card Case
for classing it up: Constance
for a weekend getaway: Weekender
for a fashion statement: Petit Fannypack

29 July 2014

not fashion blog content


I'm in a state of limbo. In survival mode. I know this isn't really "fashion blog content," but it's also true that I'm not merely a fashion blogger. In fact, that title is an increasingly small part of who I am and who I want to identify myself as. It's not that fashion bloggers are necessarily bad people (annoying, possibly; outwardly shallow, sometimes), it's just that I have other, more personal things plaguing my consciousness these days. In an effort to be an adult, I'm sitting with these feelings and learning from them, rather than doing my best to distract myself from the discomfort. As a result, I've had very little desire to churn out [good] content.

I'm not entirely devoid of creativity and I certainly don't shun other blogs as a source of my own inspiration. While I haven't been posting on here, I've been regularly pinning and 'gramming between intense gym sessions, job interviews and self-education.

I love the fact that I also have this blog as an outlet for when I want to express myself in a more tangible way. But it's intimidating to think that, in order to "blog" in this day and age, I have to take gorgeous photos of myself (hardly a task that can be accomplished as a novice), dress in the trendiest clothes, attend the coolest parties and work with the top brands du jour. Sometimes, I chastise myself for not being popular enough to warrant an invite to an event that all my other blogger friends are attending or not posting often enough to be noticed by some of the cooler PR companies. That's a really heavy and disheartening feeling. Yes, it's fact that I may not be getting the same level of perks as some friends, but the idea that I beat myself up over happenings that determine a minuscule part of my life is bewildering. Why focus on the negative -- the lack of invites and collaborations -- rather than celebrate the other side of it? There is so much more to be thankful for than I notice and I admit that is a characteristic of mine I'd like to change. Of course, it's easier said than done, but that's the path I'm on these days. It's not about blogging, specifically. It's that I have to finally start doing me. And that is quite the undertaking.

Thanks to those that keep checking in with Live Love LA and an even bigger thank you for those who don't shy away from talking to me about life.

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17 July 2014


cotton on kimono* | the classic brand tank* | brandy melville shorts (similar & similar) | just fab purse* | call it spring sandals*