04 August 2010

you used to hold me

H&M dress, boyfriend's sunglasses

How amazing is this location? My boyfriend found it when trying to get onto the freeway and decided to take me there. Turns out, he has an eye for photography because downtown sure makes a good backdrop. I love the juxtaposition of this summery, flowy, floral dress and the sharp lines and angles of the buildings behind. The haze adds a somewhat dreamy effect to the whole thing. And that's how I spent my Sunday.

So, I've moved, temporarily, to my parents' house. I'm still packed in giant boxes (literally), which means that half of my clothes and shoes are out of reach. It's kind of a cool challenge to dress myself daily, especially since I can't always recreate inspirational outfits as well as I'd like. But, as I said, this is only temporary and I will soon be sprawled out in my own closet again. This next month is a test on so many levels.

This is the song I heard this morning, which has already made my day a bit brighter, despite Santa Monica's reluctance to show me any summer love. Seriously, I think I'm getting SAD.

Continuing the word-heaviness of this post, I was thinking about how some people are just purely talented and others have to work hard to achieve the same level of success. For instance, there are DJs (obviously, this is the context I think in) whose first release is a major hit and there are others who have been around, underground, for ages, unable to make something happen until their 12th attempt. Which is fine, because at the end of the day, we consider them all "professional DJs" (or actors, singers, bloggers, what-have-you). I just wonder about the ones who continue to try hard, only to repeatedly fall short. How do they find the motivation to keep going? And how about the ones who take off from the start? Do they become egotistical and sell out? I guess different people do it differently, but there must be some sort of common trend among the two groups, right?

Anyway, just a thought. Nothing that needs an answer or reinforcement.


  1. i love your maxi dress, it's absolutely adorable!
    & about what you said about the DJs that's really interesting. i've always wondered about natural skill vs. hard work.

    Haute Californian

  2. Love the outfit and the backdrop :) I miss LA. I have the same questions as you..

    Giveaway on my blog right now, check it out :)


  3. beautiful!!
    where are it look fun for a pick nic? maybe?

  4. that dress is so pretty on you
    i wish i was taller too so i can wear stuff like this
    ah i hate moving!

  5. amazing view, great photographs!

  6. gorgeous dress!!!!! u look stunning!


  7. I am really loving your new haircut! You work a pixie cut so well. And the backdrop is beautiful!

  8. Wow that is a sweet backdrop Neekz. I didn't know that particular promontory existed?

    Weather doesn't look so bad in the photos, despite your anger at Sta Monica's not as bright outlook.

  9. These pictures are stunning and the background is just incredible. Your boyfriend has an eye for good shooting location. I also love the dress! The colours and patterns are so rich and vibrant. Just perfect for summer! And the sunglasses adds a nice touch as well.

    Good luck with all the moving and I hope you settle into a nice place soon! Have a good weekend, Neekoh.

  10. Beautiful dress! :) Looks great on you...

    Thanks for stopping by...



  11. gorgeous max dress and breathtaking backdrop! love the pics.

    interesting points about what u wrote about DJ's. it's explicable when someone works just as hard as the next person and some are luckier than others. or perhaps it's all about the journey and how individuals approach obstacles, therefore creating their own opportunities.


  12. hey there ! just stumbled across your blog on bloglovin' and have been lusting after so many of your accessories especially since ! great job on this shoot , we love to see photo's that happen naturally like this ! keep it up. Hope you stop by some time , follow if you like , we would love to hear your opinions !

    Greetings from Ireland

    Fifi and Niamh ( The WardrobeWars Girls)

  13. cool !