25 February 2010

nyfw dreaming

Forever 21 blue scarf and tee, vintage skull scarf, AE jeans, H&M socks, MIA shoes, unknown blazer, vintage & hand-me-down jewelry

I have to admit, I was kind of digging this outfit today. So much so, that I couldn't not take outfit photos... so, this is the lame-ish result.

I got dressed this morning thinking of what I would layer if I were in New York or London for Fashion Week. I doubled up on the scarves, matched my ring to one of them and donned the ever-so-controversial socks with heels. It was comfortable yet a bit different for me. I think I'm gonna try to work this style into more of my everyday looks.

Thursday = Friday eve = weekend! Can't wait. I've got tons of cool stuff to do: album release party, family time, pizza night and, of course, man time. Hope you all enjoy your weekends, too!

18 February 2010

summer in winter in LA

Urban top, Forever 21 shorts, Charlotte Russe sweater, El Naturalista boots

Last weekend was a toasty 75 degrees in LA. Not to make you New York folk jealous, but it was nice. I got this flowy top from my sister, who handed it down to me a few months ago. It's so wonderful for lazying around in because it's loose yet still cute. I feel frumpy, but I don't quite look it! :)

And please, excuse the glare coming off my legs. I used the sunshine as an excuse to get some color, which is why I wore shorts. Didn't quite work out, but you know... yeah, I have no excuses. Sorry.

This weekend, the boy and I are headed to San Diego. I'm gonna put him on the spot a little bit and tell you guys that he's doing a triathlon! Yes, one of several this year. I personally am looking forward to the breakfast post-race :P Kidding! So yeah, send him good e-thoughts!

And last, but certainly not least: you can now find me on lookbook.nu! Let's be friends!

15 February 2010


Congratulations to Becs from Style With Benefits for winning the Bambi and Snowflake harness. I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to see pictures of how you wear it!

On a not-so-happy note, a sad thing happened to my pictures from this past weekend. You see, I had gone to some spectacular events around LA. Friday night, I spent an evening dancing at Mi-6 for the Naven A/W 2010 collection showcase. I took lots of fun pictures. LOTS. Saturday, the boy and I spend an evening at the Staples Center to watch my Los Angeles Kings shut the Colorado Avalanche out. We also visited The Pantry (sadly, not worth the hype or the lines, but you gotta try it once). Took tons of pictures, great outfit stuff. In fact, I think at that point, my memory card had about 250 images on it. Apparently, that was too much for my poor C:\ drive and I ended up having to delete my entire Pictures folder. Sad, I know... it actually almost put a damper on my Valentine's Day. But it didn't because we made (read: attempted to make) sushi and tempura and that just made life with the boy that much sweeter. I was able to salvage a few pictures, too, which kind of alleviates my situation just slightly. Without further ado...

Wearing the necklace I won at Somewhere Here

McQueen tribute in downtown LA during ArtWalk.

My rings.

12 February 2010

going commando

Forever 21 cardigan & necklaces, Urban Outfitters tunic, Unionbay boots, random secondhand military jacket

You might notice I am wearing zero makeup in this post. We all get lazy sometimes, right? Besides, I have this idea in my head that my skin is supposed to "breathe" sometimes. Maybe I'm completely crazy or maybe there's some truth to that. Whatever the case, I make no apologies.

Also, my hair is getting long! Quick poll:
a) Let it grow
b) Cut it Karla short

I'm definitely feeling the new military trend. Ever since Balmain debuted their RTW SS 2010 collection, I've been waiting for the day to wear something boyishly sexy. Although, that tends to be my inspiration overall these days. I feel most comfortable rocking laid-back pieces with some girly flair. I think I'm coming into my own, guys! :D Anyway, here are some images I love for inspiration on this trend.

My favorite, Anja Rubik, in a metallic chainmail-looking harness.

Carmen Kass wearing an elongated version of the general's jacket.

Daria Werbowy looking like a sexy, tattered soldier.

Elena Melnik taking the basics up a notch.

And don't forget to enter my giveaway! Ends Monday, February 15th! Tell your friends and get more entries.

11 February 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

An inspiration and visionary. You will truly be missed.
Not sure I can find the right words. I have to admit, I am surprised at my emotions right now.

08 February 2010

Bambi & Snowflake Giveaway

You've heard me talk about it again and again. I wear my harness more than I care to admit on this blog (because, trust me, it's a lot!). I can't get enough of these sexy, tough body chains and my favorite place to go is Bambi and Snowflake. Everything in her store is handmade from vintage and new materials, many of which are one-of-a-kind pieces! And here comes the fun part...

Bambi and Snowflake is giving away this popular Chainmail Harness in your choice of color: gunmetal, gold or silver. The best part is, they ship internationally, so this contest is open to all!

How do you win? Well, it's simple!

- Go to Bambi and Snowflake and check out the beautiful pieces she has.
- Leave a comment on this post, telling me how you would style the Chainmail Harness (and the color you'd like), along with your email address.
- Retweet the following and comment again with a link to the tweet to get an extra entry: "I just entered the @bambiandsnowflake giveaway at @LiveLoveLA http://bit.ly/93cpst"
- Mention this giveaway in your own blog post and leave a comment here with your link.

Comments will be closed on Monday, February 15th at 6pm Pacific Time. I will choose the winner using a randomly-generated number from random.org. Make sure you leave me your email so I can contact you directly!

That's it! Good luck, everyone!

06 February 2010

"souls do not incarnate to fail"

Pictures courtesy of my awesome, kick-ass friend Veronica!
Thursday night was a blast! I spent it with some amazing, beautiful, stylish new friends... Becs, Mel, Nora and Patty Ann. Mel, Becs and I started off at Borders in Westwood for the Kelly Cutrone book signing. Kelly is a "I don't give an ish" type of woman with a strong sense of self. As if you couldn't tell from watching her on her show :P Anyway, it was more of a dialogue between her and her audience, which made her way more approachable than you'd imagine! Mel and Jazzi McG got to ask some questions and get some insight. I had to bounce early because I'd booked a table at Taste on Melrose as part of DineLA's Restaurant Week and Nora and Patty Ann were already there.

The food was great! I'd recommend it to anyone. The atmosphere is very LA -- laid back, dark, social, wine-y. I had the pear and pomegranate salad and the mahi mahi and broccolini in tomato sauce. Then I topped it all off with the Gala apple crisp. Yeah, I know you're drooling ;) So filling, but so worth it! Mel and Becs joined us after they got their books signed and we chatted, planned and took pictures.

I have to say, the best part about having this blog is getting to meet people with the same interests and passions as me. It's unfair to my boyfriend to always drag him out to random events or vintage shopping with me (though he is amazingly supportive about it!). I love how the online fashion community is about real people with real style and real personalities. This is like an open forum (somewhat) to talk and meet and get inspired. So thank you for that, ladies. I really look forward to our next outing!

I am wearing a Forever 21 capelet + faux fur, mom's own self-made skirt and Jessica Simpson shoes