28 May 2010


Here's to a summer full of BBQs, sunshine, friends and fun! I'm off to Vegas for the weekend to celebrate the "unofficial start of summer" smashed up against people's sweaty bodies. If you think I'm not looking forward to this, you're wrong. I need the body heat. But more than that, I need the breather. It's been a tense couple of weeks here and I can't wait to schlep around the strip, relishing the freedom!

What are your plans this weekend?

I leave you with this song by La Roux, which has been on radio and personal heavy rotation for the past few days.

If you care to hear what else is on my iPod playlist this weekend, here's the abridged version:

1. Money to Blow
2. Memories
3. Pursuit of Happiness
4. I'm Not Alone
5. Whatever You Like - personal Vegas classic
6. Riverside
7. Sweet Disposition
8. Come Get Wit It
9. Miss Fat Booty
10. Daylight

23 May 2010


Me, Mel and Sarah at Cha Cha Chicken for lunch last week. Beautiful girls and fun stories make for a great mid-week routine break :)

wearing Forever 21 bodysuit and yellow pants, Levi's jacket

20 May 2010

some news and some love

First of all, I'd like to share with you guys something I've been a part of for the last few months. I've been contributing style articles to MyDISFunkshion, an online publication geared toward promoting individuality in women. Today, our first ever e-magazine was published and I'm proud to say that, not only did my LA Fashion Week article get published, I made the cover! Click on over to check me and the rest of the amazing staff out. It's interesting and inspiring to read articles written by our community. A huge, huge, huge thank you goes out to the editor, Valerie for being so organized and supportive! She's really done a lot for me personally; I feel like I've found a great friend through this whole endeavor and I'm extremely grateful for that.

Second, but of no less importance, is this heartfelt thank you to my amazing readers! I know I got all emo earlier this week with my lack of inspiration and whatnot, but you guys really came thorough and sent me your kind comments and support. A very special thank you goes out to, first and foremost, my boyfriend, who will listen to me whine about image and fashion and other nonsense 24/7. His unparalleled advice and continuous input have gotten me this far with this blog; I can't imagine a more non-judgmental and supportive counterpart.
Some of my favorite readers/commentors/fellow bloggers also sent me some very sweet emails. Thank you guys for reminding me why I love this medium to begin with: Carrie, Peter, Jasmin, Isquisofrenia, Ediot, Mel and Ari.

17 May 2010


There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling uninspired.

I've been in and out of this for what seems like months! It might be the self-induced pressure to post, it might be my lack of Internet which has barred me from looking at my regular blogs and commentors, it might be my general need for change... but whatever it is, it's been making me want to look at this thing a little less.

For once, I feel like putting a little substance into it and maybe trying to define where I want this to go. Right now, I'm focusing on outfit posts because that's what I like to see from the blogs I read. But that's not always easy to do... there are times when I don't feel like dressing up and there are times when I don't have a photographer. Yes, these sound like excuses to me, too. I guess, in general, there's something that's not sitting quite right with me and this blogging thing these days. I might have to take a step or two back to think about what my goal is...

The words "love" and "cute" are used so freely in this community. I'm no stranger to them; it's easy to get caught up and "love" something you really don't. I'm not a fan of the insincerity that carries. Maybe that's an area where I need some substance.

14 May 2010


*** I've been having some issues with my Internet connection at home (read: super-slow loading time), so I've had no chance to look at your blogs, return comments or even edit mine completely. All my posts have been scheduled because, when I get the opportunity, I upload as much as possible for fear that the connection will give out again. Hang in there with me, I'll be back in action shortly!***

09 May 2010

IFB Links a la Mode

links a la mode

The Business and Beauty of Style

Edited by Debutante Clothing

This week, the links were especially thoughtful. With all of the buzz about fashion bloggers and how (or if) we make money, it was great to see some insightful posts about fashion and the almighty dollar. Grechen of Grechen Blogs discusses blogging for money, while Style On a String takes an in depth look at the dark side of logo chasing. But let’s not get too bogged down with the seriousness of fashion. Perhaps Simply Luxurious can convince you to indulge in the beauty of fashion with her collage of gorgeous, backless gowns. Or maybe you’re more interested in a catwalk down memory lane, via celluloid, with Old Fashion Love Story’s stills of unforgettable 70s costumes from the film Mahogany (costume designed by Miss Diana Ross!). After all, in the sarcastic words of Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada, “Yes, that is what this billion dollar business is all about. Inner beauty”. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : May 6

01 May 2010

Blogger Features

After the success of the last blogger feature post I did, I think I'm going to make this a monthly feature. Check out May's blogger features!