21 January 2011

five for friday: wardrobe investments

Last week, I made some less-than-smart money decisions. I got some cheap pants tailored, a process which ended up costing me more than the pants themselves -- I might as well have bought new ones! I also wasn't mindful enough to add more change to my meter, which resulted in a costly parking ticket (on my boyfriend's windshield nonetheless, which felt extra horrible!). These little incidents added up to a conclusion: I need to invest in more timeless wardrobe pieces rather than spending on one-time-use trendy accessories. You might be wondering how a parking ticket helped me in this. In all honesty, it was just the regretful straw that broke the camel's back. So, this week, I give you my 'five for Friday' investment-worthy items.

What should one spend money on? Well, in my eyes, a good investment piece is one that (a) is of high quality and (b) will be worn often. All of the pieces listed here satisfy both of these conditions for me. They may not be your necessities, but they fill some gaping and recurring holes in my closet.

Round sunglasses happen to be flattering on my face and useful for my sensitive eyes. Plus, they're classic, giving any outfit an Audry Hepburn feel. On my to-buy list right now are these Ralph Lauren sunglasses ($210) for their avant-garde take on the traditional shape. Also making the cut are these Burberry tortoise shell frames ($240) because I'm into the brown/gold combination. And finally, the oversized Alexander McQueen sunglasses ($325) have some fun detailing and they're by one of my favorite designers. Win-win.

Another worthwhile investment for me is a pair of nude pumps with fun details. They can stand to carry a few extra ornaments without looking ridiculous because their color is neutral. The cutouts on the Prada slingbacks ($636) add the perfect edgy effect to an otherwise classic shoe. These Badgley Mischka shoes ($160) look lacy yet understated in this flesh tone. And the heels on the Proenza Schouler Galaxy pumps ($458) gives them an interesting twist without making them look ridiculous.

Easy flats are a huge necessity for me. I take the bus to work, so I walk to and from the bus stop no less than four times a day. Comfortable, long-lasting shoes are a definite must in life. Enter the Tory Burch Andi Square Ballerina flat ($250). Its neutral color is a fit for any outfit and we all know Tory makes a coveted shoe. There's also the funkier Loeffler Randall Alice flat ($356). Safety pins make this one playful paired with a sweet dress. And, of course, we have the quintessential, the flat of all flats -- the Tory Burch Reva ($195 via). They go with everything: skinny jeans, wide leg pants, skirts, dresses, leggings... have I made my point?

A structured bag easily polishes even the most mundane outfit. I have my eye on this Kate Spade New York Damie ($345), the Coach Madison ($358) and the Michael Michael Kors Hamilton East West Satchel ($298).

And finally, a colorful cashmere cardigan would do my wardrobe some good by adding in a touch of class and some bold hues that can be layered under coats or worn as the focal piece of an ensemble. The Intarsia Flower Cardigan ($98), the McQ embellished cardigan ($375) and the Jardin Des Orangers Color Block cardigan ($188) will do the trick.

Tell me, what are you willing to splurge on? Tweet me!

14 January 2011

Five for Friday: My LA To-Do List

griffith observatory, los angeles

While I've spent the majority of my life in Los Angeles, I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I've missed out on some local staples. In an effort to rectify this, I've compiled this 'five for Friday' to-do list of unique LA experiences. Seeing as how the boyfriend and I are aiming to do one new thing a month, it might not be too difficult to incorporate these.

Yamashiro Farmer's Market - This one might have to wait since it's returning on April 7th, but it's a definite go! Featuring tacos, fresh produce and artisan concoctions, I can't find a reason to not go. Still need convincing that you, too, need to be there? How about the breathtaking view?

Rose Bowl Flea Market - You'd think that this is one of my frequent haunts, but alas, I always find an excuse to stay in bed on the second Sunday of every month. This is a shame, really, because the Rose Bowl Flea Market sounds like my type of place. Vintage clothes and antique furniture and a plethora of food, oh my!

Sasabune - This one I'm probably most ashamed to admit to, but I've never been to the Sushi restaurant with no menu. You place your full trust at the chef's disposal, eating what he offers as the freshest fare of the day. Perhaps the only reason I haven't become a regular here yet is because the place isn't open on weekends. Gotta plan wisely.

Arclight - I remember someone using this as a directional landmark before ('Oh, it's right by the Arclight, you can't miss it!') and me having no idea what in the world they were talking about. Now, it's practically in my back yard... and it's walking distance to Space 15 Twenty and Kitchen 24. Sunday night dinner-and-a-movie will have to happen ASAP.

Griffith Park hike - Last weekend, I went on my first official LA hike in Clearwater Canyon. I liked it so much, I'll need to add some more to my rotation. The Mt. Hollywood trail seems like my next destination with its Hollywood sign outlook and potential for dressed-down-celebrity-spotting.

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11 January 2011


naven kimono top, Chanel Iman, wide leg pants, cable knit sweater, chiffon, lace dress, skinny belt
1. Chanel Iman for Allure, 2. Topshop Knitted Cable Jumper, 3. Naven top-cable print kimono top, 4. Warehouse Simple Skinny Belt, 5. TFNC Layered Chiffon Dress

Lately, I've been in the mood for classic shapes and textures. Wide leg pants, paired with a slouchy sweatshirt and oxfords or 5 inch heels. Chunky knits layered over chiffon and lace, under leather. Printed and whimsical blouses and dresses to wear with my new Coach boots. Skinny belts in classic brown and tan to tie it all together, making the so-comfortable-I-could-live-in-it look more presentable.

And I just wanted to share this with you: Isquisofrenia took photos of her heavy-rotation clothes and put together a real-life inspiration board! How awesome is that?

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